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Annual Schedule

Sat, 30 May(H) Brooklyn Kings vs (A) Rhode Island RebellionRandall's Island Field 1034-40
Sat, 6 Jun(H) Boston Thirteens vs (A) Brooklyn KingsTBA60-18
Sat, 13 Jun(H) Connecticut Wildcats vs (A) Brooklyn KingsCardinal Stadium22-36
Sat, 20 Jun(H) Brooklyn Kings vs (A) D.C. SlayersRandall's Island Field 1034-32
Sat, 27 Jun(H) New York Knights vs (A) Brooklyn KingsThe Castle at Pier 4010-28
Sun, 12 Jul(H) Brooklyn Kings vs (A) Connecticut WildcatsRandall's Island Field 1072-14
Sat, 18 Jul(H) Rhode Island vs (A) Brooklyn KingsMarvel Field17:00
Sat, 25 Jul(H) Brooklyn Kings vs (A) New York KnightsRandall's Island Field 1016:00

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